Afrooo Beta this Saturday!


Once again it's time for the Children of the Sun to gather in the name of Afroooo Beta!

This session is super-special because it is a celebration of both love and life in their best forms. We will be celebrating the birthday of twin brothers Benyam and Yoseph from the Nile as they are truly two of the pillars that AB was built upon. And while we are at it, we'll be celebrating Benyam's recent marriage to his long-time lady Jessie whom I think he actually met at Afro Beta many years ago. So much YES will be in the air...

So come thru and catch a dose of magic on the second floor of the Hof in The Darkroom. We are actually on extended hours this session so we are rocking until 1:30am! Might be a special guest or two in the mix as well. Either way, we hope to see you there. Just follow the sound of the drums... 

Live Drums • Deep Grooves • Fly Peoples • Global Vibes

10p - 1:30a