Afro Beta Flyer Retrospective #4

*The Afro Beta Flyer Retrospective series is a celebration of images that have helped shape the Afro Beta experience over its 10 year existence. All flyer typography and layouts by Mikemetic.*


February is always a weird time because of all of the awareness put on Black History Month. I guess the actual weird part is that most people don’t really care about it outside of the 28 days (29 if we’re lucky!) of February. In my circles we recognize and acknowledge black excellence every week of every month. But I do tend to have a BHM edition of Afro Beta each February to reel in those that identify with that theme.

This flyer from 2013 features the enigmatic Angela Davis whom I was able to hear speak live a few years back. Her words were as powerful now as they were in the 60s when the original picture used as the flyer image was taken. We all walk in the footsteps of greatness and Afro Beta has always looked to sonically bring “All the power to all the people”.

Michael DonovanComment