Mikemetic Beatcast - Mellotronix v.1 Downtempo Productivity Mix

When I work I usually like to listen to music, but I mostly listen to instrumental beats, jazz, and such bc words can often derail me when I'm traveling at the speed of thought. I decided to start making mixes to share bc many people don't have access or the ability to find good downtempo artists or mixes focused on chill productivity rather than celebration. I'll be posting quite a few different styles of mixes in 2019 so stay tuned...

Mellotronix v.1

Simmer Down Jammie - Rocket Empire

Heart & Mind - Merge of Equals

The Scenario - Chill

Soul Litchfield - Saturn Never Sleeps

Mad Blunted Jazz - DJ Cam

Spin (Sleaze Remix) - Just Plain Ant

white label insert

Brea - Oddisee

Playa D’en Bossa - MV Mars

Buddha Lounge - Cafe du Soleil

Tides - Nitin Sawhey

TXT (Msgs) - Mndsgn

Sunset Lounge Music - Yoga del Mar

Chill Songs (Sensual Moves) - Gotan Club

Abounding Grace - Kritikul Beats & Teddy P

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