Street Artistry

Mural Detail: El Kamino, Photo by Mikemetic (2009)

Mural Detail: El Kamino, Photo by Mikemetic (2009)

Mikemetic has been engaged with graffiti and urban art from a very young age. As a young participant of the emerging hip hop culture in the 80s, his influences included movies such as Beat Street and WIld Style, urban documentary series like VideoGraf, and the hyper-stylized works of legendary street artists like Keith Haring, Phase 2, Tats Cru, and Futura 2000 among many others. While his cultural focus was always on the element of DJing, Mikemetic has continued to be involved in documenting street art up and down the East Coast for the past two decades.

His Tumblr blog TRS-804 has provided street art pictures for outlets such as Grid Magazine, My Modern Met, Street Art New, and others.

Mikemetic 2013 Interview on WRIR’s Defenders Live


Art Whino G40 (2012, 2013)

In 2012 Washington D.C.-based art gallery Art Whino hosted the G40 Mural Conference in Richmond, VA. The G40 evolved into the Richmond Mural Project which brought muralists from all over the world to the Capital City to paint the town. Art Whino then produced Whino Mag to chronicle the artists and their work. Mikemetic was selected as a Contributing Author for both the first and second issues of this globally distributed publication. While issue #1 is not available online, you can check out Wino Magazine #2 here.

Jim Mahfood interview in Art Whino’s  Whino Magazine # 2

Jim Mahfood interview in Art Whino’s Whino Magazine # 2

Scribe interview in Art Whino’s  Wino Magazine #1

Scribe interview in Art Whino’s Wino Magazine #1

5 Pointz (2013)

This is a video short that was prodeuced to help generate support for saving the New York City aerosol and graffiti art “museum” 5 Pointz. These pictures were all taken on a “graffiti pilgrimage” of sorts to visit 5 Pointz which was rumored to be in its last days because of a dispute with the building owner. Unfortunately, the majority of the work at the museum was whited-out by the owner Jerry Wolkoff about 7 days after this video was released. A lost treasure indeed...


Check out the creators of 5 Pointz’s new 2018 project The Museum Of Street Art


Futura 2000 (2012)

This is a compilation of various clips of Futura 2000 tagging up some Mo Wax record covers when he came to Richmond, VA on August 10th, 2012. Produced by Mikemetic under his video production pseudonym Rod Zencones.


2015 Reel Abilities Film Festival


The EyeWriter is an eye-tracking apparatus & custom software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis resulting to draw using only their eyes.

Because of his experience in a variety of different projects involving graffiti art and technology, Mikemetic was selected as a feature presenter for the 2015 Reel Abilities Film Festival held at Visual Arts Center in Richmond. He presented the documentary Getting Up: The TEMPT One Story which details some of the struggles and triumphs of Tony “TEMPT” Quan, a Los Angeles graffiti artists who, along with a team of others, helped develop some revolutionary technology that allows him to draw by moving only his eyes. The presentation was concluded with an open panel discussion on the power of art and technology to merge and create positive change.


Capitalism with Henry Rollins (2013)


In 2013 legendary musician and cultural artist Henry Rollins came to Richmond as part of his Capitalism Spoken Word U.S. Tour. He was documenting his journey across the country for Take Part and looking at localized topics in each city he stopped at on the tour. Mikemetic was chosen as an ambassador to the city’s youth arts culture and was able to have a discussion with Rollins about some of his work in RVA in support of youth engagement with the expanding mural arts scene.